Children’s Choir for Easter

ACCESS — Go to the karaoke version of Jesus is Alive – Jump, Shout
on YouTube, complete with lyrics on the screen. Please do not record to any other versions. We need to use a common track for our voices to line up properly.  

PREPARE — Please practice with the chosen track at least once before recording. Before recording, make sure to warm up with any of our usual warmups: vee-vay-vah-voh-voo, one, one-two-one…, many mumbling mice, etc.  And make sure to sing some “Loo Loo” voice too!

RECORD — When you are ready, record a video of yourself singing the song. Sibling units may record together if desired and possible. Make sure you remember the following:

We prefer that you use your smartphone to record. If you are unable to do so, you may use the camera on your computer. You do not need any complex sound or video equipment to participate!
If you use headphones when recording, the singers can hear the track but the recording only captures your voice. If possible have two devices one for listening one for recording.
Please record in a place where there is minimal background noise.

SUBMIT — When you have recorded, submit to
by April 8, 2020.